Sam Bartee is an experienced composer and pianist from Sydney, Australia. Awarded an Associate Diploma in Music, Australia (AMusA) for piano at 16 years old, he is largely self taught in composition and has studied music theory and harmony extensively. Sam is currently studying physics and music at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Currently a 2nd year student, Sam is designing, building and investigating how changing the camber of an advanced variable camber wing affects lift and drag. He is trying to find an experimental maximum - maximising lift while minimising drag. Previously, he studied the oscillation of a pendulum beyond small angles of oscillation, as well as the prediction of flow rate through capillaries.

Sam is also a freelance tutor, tutoring in both music composition and high school physics. This includes but is not restricted to mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves and optics, and special topics including relativity, environmental and medical physics.

Sam has worked on and composed for several short films, iOS applications and original score performances. His latest works explore a hybrid style between classical and electronic genres.